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Coldiretti, with a half million members, is the leading organization of farmers at national and European level. Articulated through offices in every region and in each Italian province, has 724 offices and 5000 regional sections.

COLDIRETTI Coldiretti, over 60 years of activity, has developed different projects about :

• establishing national parks
• protection of biodiversity
• environmental sustainability of agricultural sector
• dissemination of organic farming
• no to GMOs

Coldiretti along with the ANCI and other organizations has signed in 2003 a Memorandum as a first act of the Executive Project RES TIPICA which is a significant moment of convergence of policies for sustainable development "from below".TYPICAL RES is now a marketing project for the protection and enhancement of local products intended as a cultural heritage that has the force of a trademark in 32 countries around the world representing 4 continents (Europe, America, Asia and Oceania).