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"A through communication strategy, that involves all sectors, all the stakeholders, local communities and the private sector, in order to emphasize their participation and responsibilities, is a crucial factor for the effective implementation of the post 2010 in theme of biodiversity“ (Siracuse chart adopted by G8 on the biodiversity thematics).

In this statement, is the sense of the project FARENAIT, designed and developed by CTS in collaboration with Coldiretti, Comunità Ambiente, ISPRA and the Lombardia Region and supported by the European Commission, the Italian Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea, Italian Ministry of Agriculture, the Regions of Abruzzo, Marche and Calabria and the Province of Agrigento.
Through a complex communication campaign the project aims to achieve a significant increase of the awareness and knowledege about ‘Natura 2000’ network in Italy, towards the government, farmers and people who live in agricultural and rural areas inside the sites 'Natura 2000'.

Specific Targets

General objectives:  to provide a clear frame of the opportunities related to the Natura 2000 network for farmers and local administrators
•  objective I: to facilitate a real cooperation between the Authorities with competencies for ‘Natura 2000’ network and agriculture sector at national level and regional level, by setting an appropriate communication strategy at national level

•  objectivesII: to create partnerships and synergies with subjects that face the same problems in Europe, in order to strengthen the role and demands of farmers who work within the Natura 2000 network.

Final result

The Final result is to raise awareness among farmers and ranchers of the vital role that they can play for the protection and conservation of biodiversity, and the importance of their active involvement in the management of Natura 2000 sites, by means of economic incentives available.

Results expected

During the 36-months duration of the project, will be developed the following results:
• training to 1.200 public administration workers of all the 20 Italian regions, through the organization of 60 workshops;
• strengthen of the communication between public administrations and stakeholders through the preparation and distribution of a set of
• will be reached and informed at least 10.000 farmers among the members of Coldiretti, through communication and at least 1.000 farmers actively involved in events and 60 workshops and seminars organized at the regional level.

The project results will be disseminated through the realization of a final conference at the European level and the development of networking activities with Italian organizations and European public and private stakeholders involved in Natura 2000 sites in rural areas and agriculture.